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Why choose RnD Marketing

Why choose us?

RnD Marketing is led by two experienced individuals that have been employed in the growth marketing field for years. Working on and bringing success to global iGaming projects, and moving into the SaaS fields (both B2C and B2B) with a proven increase in leads and traffic, we gained the experience required to launch our company.

We understand the way of work and methodology of developers and we can be the bridge between RnD and Marketing.

Marketing services and solutions we are proud of

Our journey started with affiliate management and SEO, but along the way, we acquired skills and experience in other important marketing channels. We work with top industry talents to deliver the best marketing services.


We all know that PPC services are the first go-to of all companies. So why not do it starting with deep keyword research, led by experts that KNOW to identify user intent and increase the conversion rate and ROI?


Where it all started. Our SEO services are on a different level. Years of experience and work with developers have led us to the conclusion that we can conquer any SERP. We especially take pride in our technical SEO skills


Same as SEO, this is our bread and butter. We love affiliate marketing so much! Learn how you can build an affiliate program for your brand from scratch, or let us do it for you.

Content services

Ready to take your brand to the next level? A team of highly skilled writers, led and supervised by us, will amaze you with the ultimate content services that will generate high-quality leads for your business. Product pages, blogs, engaging emails, and more.

Social media

We will help you expand your brand’s reach and increase leads with our social media services. Starting with hand-crafted content based on research, to highly targeted paid campaigns.

Road to success by RnD Marketing

“No matter what service your company needs, we start with extensive research, which includes learning about your products and services, keyword research, competitor research, and of course, identifying the target audience.”

“Based on the extensive research, our team will tailor a strategy that fits your budget and KPIs perfectly, focusing on results only.”

“After having a strategy, it is time to get the stage ready. We are going to take care of all the required configurations. Social profiles, setting up campaigns, tracking events, tracking software, and more.”
“We are ready for launch. It is time to get the best hands-on or consultancy instruction services. With years of experience in each marketing channel, the work quality is (almost) flawless and is polished all the time.”
“We will constantly analyze the short-term results to identify things we might have missed and to give you a better understanding of what works best for your company.”
“After we have collected enough data and identified new opportunities, we will optimize the existing assets of your company. This includes CRO, target audiences, metadata, existing content, bidding, and much more.”

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